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Ainsdale is a small but affluent village located just a few minutes’ drive between Formby and Southport. Exceptionally quiet in comparison to its neighbours, Ainsdale is a place where many people choose to spend their golden years.

Despite the fact that Ainsdale too, boasts its own beach, the natural beauty is far less of a tourist hotspot than neighbouring Formby and Southport, allowing local residents to truly enjoy what’s on their doorstep with little distraction. It is this peace and tranquillity that reflects the residents’ lifestyle and what attracts relocations to the area.

Although there are plenty of local amenities for residents to enjoy on the central Station Road, with an easy commute to the busier areas of Liverpool and Southport using public transport, residents are never too far away from the vibrant city lights. An ideal place to experience the best of both worlds. 

Lifestyle & Activities

The peaceful and tranquil location of Ainsdale warrants many of its residents a leisurely lifestyle, with the best of outdoor scenery on their very doorstep. 

Five Reasons to Invest in Ainsdale

Sunset Reflecting on Train 1 The main transport line from Southport to Liverpool runs through Ainsdale, making it a great commuter area for workers in the nearby cities and towns. The Ainsdale train station is in plans to increase the capacity and ease of use for public transport.  Golf Ball Pictured on Grass about to be Hit by Golf Club 2 Royal Birkdale Golf Course is just two miles away from central Ainsdale and has hosted The Open several times. During this time, the influx of tourists in the area is the perfect opportunity to rent out property.  Four Blue and White Vertical Stripped Deckchairs on Beach Looking out to Sea 3 Nearby Pontins, located near the coast of Ainsdale Beach, is set for a revamp to encourage tourists to the area.  Sandcastle with Four Union Jack Flags Sticking out of Top. Pictured on Sunny Beach Underneath Blue Skies 4 For those looking to experience a staycation, staying in the heart of all the action may not be too appealing. With just a 10-minute drive to nearby Southport, renting out property in Ainsdale could be extremely lucrative during the summer months.  Basket Filled with Organic Fruit and Vegetables Overflowing out of Basket. Greenery in Background 5 More money is being invested into the local area to develop amenities, improving accessibility and encouraging choice for residents. 


One of the most popular primary schools in the area is Ainsdale St John’s Church of England Primary School, which achieved a rating of ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted in each area of inspection during their latest visit. The school performs well above the national average when it comes to pupils meeting their expected standards in reading, writing and mathematics.

As a Church of England school, St. John’s is subject to inspection from the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools Report (SIAMS), in its most recent inspection in early 2018, the school received a rating of ‘Outstanding’ by the inspector. The inspection cited the values, leadership and church links which formed part of the rating.

Linking with the National Curriculum, parents can expect their children to partake in classes
including the core subjects of Mathematics, English and Science as well as Modern Foreign Languages, Music and Geography.

Other schools in the area include Kings Meadow Primary School and Shoreside County Primary School.

For children who need a little extra care, the Merefield Special School provides education for children with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD), with just under half of pupils here having some form of autism. The school provides education from the age of two until nineteen, with many of the children who attend travelling from across the borough to receive the specialist care.

With the emphasis on providing a higher level of care, all those children who have a PMLD are given a personalised pathway from the beginning of their education, focusing on the specific difficulties that the child experiences in order to explore and develop a curriculum that provides solutions to overcome them. The school enriches the curriculum with multi-sensory experiences to help develop the children’s skills and has a great range of facilities and activities to assist with their learning including physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

As the children grow older, the school prepares them for their experiences in the real world and students are taken out into the local community often to experience things such as shopping, using community facilities and communicating. In its most recent Ofsted report, the school received the rating of ‘Good’, with the report noting that all pupils, including those who are disadvantaged, leave the school with both a Mathematics and English qualification, a great feat for those who experience learning difficulties.